• Duration
    1-3 working days
  • Cost
    € 4,95
  • Shipping method
  • more Information
    As cannabis-based medicines are considered prescription-only medicines (narcotics), it is necessary to ensure that these products are only delivered to the authorised person. For this reason, when the package arrives, our shipping service provider will verify your identity.

Delivery by DHL IDENT

DHL IDENT-CHECK is a reliable service from DHL that ensures that your order will only be handed over to you personally or to your authorized representative.
The advantages of this service are:

- Reliable and personal delivery of your order
- Ensuring that the shipment is only handed over to the intended recipient
-Comprehensive documentation of the delivery, identified by the identification of the recipient is supported by his identity card.

The following are important aspects to keep in mind to ensure that your order can be delivered successfully and smoothly:

1.) Please have a valid identification document ready for you or your authorized representative.
2.) When ordering, you must indicate who will receive the package. Only this person can accept the order.
3.) Please check the integrity of your shipment upon receipt. If package is opened or damaged, refuse acceptance.

What happens if I'm not home during delivery?
If you miss the delivery, your package will be delivered to a DHL branch near you, where you can pick up your shipment later. – Your ID is also required when picking up at the branch.

It should be noted that when using DHL Ident-Check, only German ID documents can be accepted for identification, in accordance with DHL guidelines.